lenexa kansas real estate market march 2022

The Lenexa, Kansas housing market is red-hot 

Buying or Selling a house in Lenexa Kansas? The market is red-hot. The last 15 days have seen 25 sales (closed) in this city and compare to 47 homes currently for sale – there’s just 0.9 months worth of inventory! That means deep demand from buyers coupled with low supply makes it a sellers’ paradise right now… but don’t worry because we’ve got your back if you’re thinking about making an offer on one these luxe listings near $450 average price point or higher
A quick look at recent activity reveals that most new listings came up within reaches ($ 450-$ 550).


Deep demand from buyers + low supply = sellers’ paradise

With the market in Lenexa Kansas being competitive, it’s important to know how your home will be perceived by potential buyers. Take these recent statistics for example: 25 out of 33 homes that recently went under contract did so within 31 days while only 5 were on average still available before their next listing date! This information may help you make an informed decision about what type or location would suit best with meet individual needs as well any financial goals they have set forth towards achieving homeownership sooner rather than later

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